Word of the Week

January 2021 – Week Four


There’s a daring in persisting with a challenging situation. Many of us will push through for a boss or a friend with the determination and persistence required. But for ourselves, there isn’t the immediate reward or positive affirmation attached. There’s no thank you or the much desired pay cheque at the end of the task.

It’s only you and the challenge you set for yourself. If you fall in a hole, only your persistence for your dream will help you see it through to the end. There’s a requirement to dig deep and look beyond the norm and make the desire part of your reality. None of this is easy. In fact, for many of us, it’s possibly the hardest thing we’ll ever encounter.

The one thing which drives your persistence is the dream, the vision, and the self-believe. It will never be perfect and it will never be easy, but if it’s worth doing, then it’s definitely worth persisting. Remember, the goal or vision will change and that’s okay. See it through. You’ll be so glad you persisted when everything appeared way too hard.

How has your persistence worked to help achieve a goal?

A gentle weekly reminder of the wonderful attributes we all have. Time to revisit our talents and put them to good use. Take the time to scroll through and find the words which connect with you and your life. Our busy lives don’t allow us to take even a minute out for ourselves, so sometimes we need to make it happen.

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January 2021 – Week Three


Not everything in life requires focus, but the outcome is so much better when you have it. Having focus isn’t something which comes to you naturally. It takes work, commitment, and a ton of patience and persistence. But I suggest that we look beyond that to the end goal.

It may have taken me almost five years to publish my first book, but I can honestly say I never lost focus on my goal. A wise woman once told me, ‘do something for your goal every day, no matter how small’. She didn’t know me or my focus to my goals, but she had a small bit of advice that she shared freely and has remained with me to this day.

Find a passion and train your focus to help you succeed. I completed and published my first book with millions of baby steps. I reached that goal because the burn of achieving it was so strong. I can’t say I always believed in myself, but I can say I never gave up. Focus on your goal every day.

January 2021 – Week Two


Creativity shows up in all of us in many and varied ways. Some peoples creativity, like mine, is to write, others build or use colour as their creation. Then there are those people who might write code, find a curse or a better way of doing things to help others. All of this is creativity. ‘Each of us needs to tap into our creative side’ how many times have we heard that of something similar? Each person is an individual, just as their form of creative licence is particular to them.

Take the time to discover what ignites your creative soul and exercise that muscle. You will notice how life offers you ideas the more you follow the path of your desire. Be true to yourself and your creativity will be true to you.

January 2021 – Week One


Rolling from day to day, week to week and month to month is an existence not a life. Many a time I’ve dropped into bed, bombarded with a list of things I wished I’d focused on that day. But life and a lack of organisation got in the way.

Now I give thought to not only the day, but the week, month and even year ahead. I’ve given myself permission to think about things which interest me. When we achieve on a personal level, we are happy and more positive about life, and those traits could even rub off on the people around us. Take some time to give thought to your future road map.