Chester’s Run Series

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Book 1 Lindy and Jack’s story – These two characters drove the story line from the beginning. Lindy came to me one day when I was listening to a writing podcast on the way to work. She had a strong presence and a very endearing personality. Finding the right man for her became an endeavour of the heart.

Jack needed to measure up. He had to be someone whom she could help but still have a vulnerability to balance with her determination. I believe her superior strength in some areas are offset with her insecurities in others. Lindy was a mix of so many women I know. I loved writing the scene at the beginning of the book were her anger flares. On so many levels that reaction would have been so uncharacteristic for her until pushed to the brink.


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Book 2 Maggie and Reuben’s story – The second book in this series was a story I penned for NaNoWriMo in 2015. My first NaNo that I participated in. These character’s didn’t appear in the first novel but I feel that they tie in so well with the existing character in Chester’s Run. I decided to plot this story out instead of pantsing. Needless to say the characters in the outline and Reuben’s occupation were the only thing to be included in the novel. Maggie was meant to be written out in the first couple of chapters but she came alive and her backstory had me intrigued.

Reuben was a sweet heart no matter what his character asked for, I gave it to him, except for the twist at the end. I hope their journey has you riveted like it did me when I was writing it.


2014-10-03 15.09.53

Book 3 Ivy and James’ Story – You meet Ivy and James in the first book and you get to follow their journey. They never struggle with each other but with what life throws at them. You hear about Ivy’s lonely childhood and in this story her past comes back and asks for a second chance.

After deliberating she agrees meet her past only to be lead down a rabbit hole that she’d never conceived. James steps up in this story from the anti-social, quiet guy. To a man driven by purpose and love. But will his efforts amount to anything?

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