Chester’s Run Series

Betrayed Hearts – Lindy and Jack

A dreadful addiction. A history of deceit. Can a chance meeting lead to true love?

When the children are left shattered by his drug addicted wife’s temper, Jack’s hell-bent on starting again. With a little help, he’s determined to save his children from any more heartache, no matter the cost to himself. It’s time to find a new normal for his family.

After an anonymous letter, Lindy discovers her husband’s appalling deceit. She ends her marriage and takes swift action to safeguard herself. Her children, who are now young adults, lose contact with their mother, forcing Lindy to face the harsh reality of their rejection. Busying her overactive mind, Lindy directs her energy to helping others.

Together Jack and Lindy work to find a way forward. But having to face the past wasn’t part of their future until they no longer had a choice. She is determined to protect the innocent now. But will she ever see her own children again?

Betrayed Hearts, is the first book in the Chester’s Run series of small-town sweet romance. If you like sweet romance with a touch of suspense and a chance meeting you’ll enjoy the first book by Cheryl Rosario.

Buy Betrayed Hearts by Cheryl Rosario and discover the small country town of Chester’s Run today.

Betrayed Expectation – Ivy and Cameron

A past shrouded in mystery. A life of rejection, fear and pain. Will their circumstances finally bring these two together? Or will misunderstanding come between them forever?

Ivy senses Cameron is building a barrier between them. When she comes across a letter from her mother, she seeks answers to a lifetime of questions. Only a trip to England will uncover the harsh truth. Is she strong enough to hear it?

Cameron grew up surrounded by his mother’s love and his father’s hatred under the same roof. Now starting his new life in Chester’s Run, he connects with the outside world. When he discovers his brother and Ivy together, he plans to leave for a while to pursue an overseas client.

Chaos ensues when they separately announce they are heading to England. Despite Cameron’s reluctance, the two travel together for Ivy’s safety. Sharing accommodation has its hurdles and makes them both face their complicated realities.

Betrayed Past – Maggie and Reuben

Concealing an old identity to survive. Falling in love with a woman behind a mask. Can they overcome the past or will the truth destroy them?

Though Reuben’s love for Maggie grows, he struggles to find meaning in his work and is holding onto unanswered questions about her past.

The anonymity of living in a big city is comforting to Maggie. When Reuben accepts his dream job in Chester’s Run, she wants him to be happy but worries for her safety in a small country town. Despite her fears, she lands a great job, develops wonderful friendships and watches Reuben flourish.

Settling in and slowly discovering her old self, their connection only strengthens. They find a place of peace and a lifestyle to fight for. But when her past catches up to her, can she keep Reuben safe and still survive?

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