On the Threshold of Adulthood

On the Threshold of Adulthood
As we gather together our focus is on the amazing person you’ve become.
From the infant who managed to change lives so completely.
To the young person facing the threshold of adulthood and independence.
You have traits and qualities that have created the person we treasure.

Over the years you have given us so much.
Love, laughter, entertainment and, may I say it, angst.
But each of these have made you the person you are today.
And for that we are truly grateful.

Can we have a do-over of our past? No
Can we know the correct choices for our future. Never.
So take the present and live with the knowledge that this is your life and your journey.
It’s time to question who you are and what you long to experience.

For some, the road ahead is a straight path to a pre-chosen destination.
For others it’s a time of discovery for the person you long to be.
And for a select few it’s a crossroads that will challenge all your perceptions.
Whichever road you choose, be open to those challenges and allow them to help you become the greatest YOU possible.

But, I tell you this.
With good intentions.
We are right here to help and guide you along your path.
Because there’s nothing like experience to light the way.

Consider those you love and those who love you.
Seek your tribe, the ones who will be with you through thick and thin.
Remember to also be a part of someone else’s tribe in a positive way.
A friend for life is a special friend.

At some point you will inevitably make mistakes. We all do.
Learn from them, change tact and move on.
Because recognising your mistakes and learning from them will only enrich your live.
And in doing so you’re working towards the amazing person you’re meant to be.

In taking the next step in your story
Do it with pride, purpose and respect.
Never underestimate the power of YOU.
A new day is dawning. So grab it and make it yours.

Cheryl Rosario

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